About READY! for Kindergarten, Sandpoint


  • READY! for Kindergarten is a national, research-based early childhood literacy education program for parents, grandparents and other primary caregivers of infants, toddlers and pre-school children (birth to age 5, before kindergarten).
  • READY! for Kindergarten is headquartered in Kennewick, Washington. There are READY! programs in 25+ states and in parts of Canada. The Sandpoint READY! Program is one of only five in Idaho.
  • The Sandpoint READY! Program is funded by the local nonprofit, Panhandle Alliance for Education. That’s why the workshops and parent/child toolkits are FREE!
  • Our 90-minute workshops are offered on a Saturday morning three times a year in Sandpoint (fall, winter, spring). You will receive the exact location information in your registration confirmation email.
  • The workshops are divided based on birthdate and kindergarten start date: Birth – 1 year; 1 – 2 years; 2 – 3 years; 3 – 4 years; and 4 – 5 years.
  • The “READY! toolkits” are created specifically for each age-group workshop. They include fun, educational, research-based and age-appropriate toys, games, books, and activities which parents learn how to use then take home to “play with a purpose” with their child.
  • READY! for Kindergarten’s FREE Saturday morning parent workshops in Sandpoint focus on three crucial areas of child development. In the fall session, we look at Language & Literacy/Early Reading Skills; in the winter workshops, we explore Literacy/Math & Reasoning; and in the spring, we talk about Literacy/Social & Emotional Development.
  • While you can attend any workshop as a stand-alone class, if you begin attending READY! workshops soon after your baby is born, you can enjoy up to 15 unique, FREE workshops. READY!’s parent classes are designed to build upon each other; to “ramp up” each year as the child grows, beginning in early infancy and continuing until the spring session before kindergarten typically begins.
  • There are five different workshops held at one location in Sandpoint during each session. Sessions are held in the fall, winter and spring on a Saturday morning. The workshops are designed specifically for parents/grandparents/caregivers of children from birth to five years. The workshops are broken into these age groups: birth to one year; one to two years; two to three years; three to four years; and four to five years. Which workshop you’ll attend depends on your child’s birth date/kindergarten start date.
  • Pre-registration is required for every workshop. Even if you’ve attended a previous workshop you need to pre-register for future workshops; you are not automatically registered.
  • If you are registering for multiple workshops (for multiple children), you must have at least one adult (someone involved in the child’s life) registered to attend each workshop.
  • If you are unable to attend a workshop, we are unable to give you the toolkit. You must attend in order to receive the toolkit. This is a national READY! requirement which was put in place because the instructors give specific directions during the workshops on how to use the toolkit. It is important to use the tools correctly to achieve the best results for your child.
  • Since the workshops are for adults only, please pre-register for our free on-site childcare for children from 13 months to 11 years or make your own childcare arrangements. Please note that our childcare program fills up quickly, so you will want to register your child for it as soon as possible. If your baby is under 12 months, you are welcome to bring him/her with you to your workshop. (We encourage parents attending the birth to age one workshop to bring their under 12-month babies.)
  • Here’s more information on childcare at Sandpoint’s READY! program: Each of our age-divided childcare rooms (13 – 23 months, 2 – 3 years, 3 – almost 4.5 years, 4.5 – 11 years) has one or two adults overseeing the childcare, as well as high school volunteers. Please be aware that we serve snacks during childcare, usually an all-juice juice box and a healthy snack such as an all-fruit roll-up, a granola bar or a small cup of cereal. If your child has nut or other allergies, please inform the adult in charge of your childcare room (and you may bring your own small snack if you like). Please do not bring sick children to childcare (i.e., children with a fever or with green/yellow mucus).
  • The Lake Pend Oreille School District endorses the READY! for Kindergarten Program.

Register for the next session of READY! for Kindergarten. You and your child will be glad you did!

Steve and his then-toddler son enjoy “playing with a purpose” with a READY! toy.